Webinars- Your Direct Route to Getting Grant Dollars

The following comments were made by attendees at a 2-part webinar given for the Grant Professionals Association in Kansas City:

“This was a packed webinar, full of very useful information, presented in a professional, friendly manner by a person who knows her stuff. I got a lot out of it.”

“Very informative presenter”

“Solid information. The strategy module was a good inclusion. Well-structured and delivered.”

“Very well-organized and well-paced”

“Valerie presented the material in a practical, easy-to-understand manner. I thought she did an excellent presentation.”

“Valerie Mann was very knowledgeable of foundations and researching to match the foundation guidelines with the needs of your program. I found the webinar to be very informative in applying for a foundation grant.”

“Great webinar. Presenter was terrific!”

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Other Testimonials
“The information given was current, practical and to the point. It was one of the most profitable $29 I have used. I have no regrets in purchasing this service.”
Testimonial from Patrick W., a recent webinar attendee

“I attended a 3-hour seminar given by Ms. Mann covering project design and grant searches. The information was presented in a very straightforward, easy-to-understand fashion. She helped to take some of the ‘mystery’ out of grant-seeking and made it seem not nearly so daunting. I was very pleased with the content and presentation and would certainly attend another of her seminars.” – Lisa Ludwig, Maryland

“Ms. Mann I will keep this as short as possible. Five years ago I retired from the federal government (NIH) early out program, at the age of 55. Golf was not enough, so my wife purchased your book “Getting Your Share of the Pie” for me. I read your book twice and attended your webinar. Four years ago I applied for and received a position as Project Manager with a small Maryland Municipality “Cottage City” a town of about 1600 residents. In four years I was able to write and receive grants in excess of $640,000 for the town of Cottage City Maryland. With the help of your webinar, your book and my wife, I was able to accomplish becoming a grant writer and project manager. The post script to this story is: that for 30 years I had been a filmmaker, videographer, producing and directing programs for the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Health and Human Services, my services were being contracted out, I thought that my time had passed. Well, not so, I am making a difference in peoples lives through Grants. After this summer’s MML (Maryland Municipal League) Conference, the job offers are coming in not for a Producer, Director but for a Grant writer. How’s that for a story.”
Stanley Mosley, Cottage City, MD

“Thank you Valerie, I really enjoyed your webinar yesterday. So many webinars are just playing in the background as one goes about working and with yours, I was glued to the monitor. There are a few key things we need to tweak or clarify with our LOI’s and your content brought that to light. “- Carrie Kasnicka, Seguin, Texas

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My most popular webinar is “Searching for Grants”. This is a very thorough and complete tutorial on all of the search mechanisms and software for finding federal, state, corporate, bank, and financial grant assistance. It consists of a 1 1/2 hour presentation. I have consistently received numerous comments on how useful these webinars are. Most beginning grant seekers don’t really know all of the resources that are out there to search for grants, including grants.gov, the Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance, the Foundation Center and many others. I explain all of this in detail and discuss which search mechanisms are the most useful and which are the least useful. There is also a section on how to take the sources you have identified and decide your action steps. These webinars are given once a month. See below on how to register. This is specific, concrete information which you can take back to your office and begin using immediately. The next webinar will be held on 5/19/16 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

If you are not completely satisfied, I will give you a full refund. SIGN UP TODAY!

It will be my pleasure to share the knowledge I have gained in 38 years in the grant field by means of giving webinars. My book, Getting Your Share of the Pie: The Complete Guide to Finding Grants, was published by Praeger in August of 2010, and will form the basis for these webinars. Praeger is one of the oldest and most distinguished publishers of reference books, guidebooks, and scholarly works in the country, with over 600 titles per year.

During the course of my career, I have written approximately 800 grant applications which have yielded a total of $160,000,000 for my clients. These clients have included municipalities, counties, nonprofits, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, hospitals, and universities. Funds have been used for a wide variety of projects including street rehabilitation and construction, water and sewer, parks and recreation, fire protection, law enforcement, historic preservation, heritage tourism, economic development, and healthcare.

I will give the attendees a complete course in how to search for grants as well as how to take the sources you have identified and create a grant seeking strategy which works for you and your organization. I will give specific websites and organizations and types of software to use, thus covering the entire gamut of search tools available today. The grant seeker will be fully equipped to go out and search all of the online and printed materials available. This class will include separate sections on searching for federal grants, state grants, foundation grants, as well as grants from corporations, banks, and service organizations.

The class will also give the student a solid plan on how to evaluate the sources which have been identified. I will present a suggested strategy for prioritizing those sources and deciding how your organization can allocate its resources to apply to as many as possible.I will discuss considerations related to staffing and your organization’s needs as it relates to strategizing your grant seeking. I will not only talk about how to find sources- I will tell you how to approach those sources once they have been identified.

I am committed to giving personalized attention to the students in these webinars. Any attendees who do not get their questions answered during the webinar may contact me individually by telephone or e-mail. I will respond promptly to these requests for information. Attendees will also receive a copy of the slide presentation after the conclusion of the class. We hope to see you there.

The cost is only $42 for this webinar. The payment button shown below will allow you to make payment. Once you have paid, I will send you the link and access code to be used on the day of the webinar. I look forward to “seeing” you there.