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The Complete Guide to Finding Grants

By Valerie Mann

The funding is out there, but do you know how to get it? Become an expert grant writer.

Many organizations that desperately need financial support miss opportunities for funding for two reasons: they don’t have the knowledge or resources to successfully pursue and win a grant, or they are ignorant of the range of possibilities in private, federal, or state-sourced funds available to them. With the emergence of economic stimulus money intended to assist nonprofits and government agencies suffering in today’s poor economic conditions, grant-writing is now a more relevant skill than ever before. In GETTING YOUR SHARE OF THE PIE: The Complete Guide to Finding Grants (Praeger, August 2010), expert grant writer Valerie Mann provides hands-on instruction for obtaining federal, state, and foundation funds, presenting the information necessary to win your organization the funding it needs. This grant writing book is your best resource for winning grants.

As a professional grant writer for almost 34 years, Valerie Mann, President of Mann & Mann Grant Solutions, has written approximately 700 grant applications for her clients, which have included municipalities, counties, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and nonprofits. These applications have yielded over $112,000,000 in grants, monies which have gone to funding water and sewer projects, street rehabilitation and construction, housing rehabilitation, parks and recreation, economic development, heritage tourism, historic preservation, law enforcement, fire protection, and more.

Drawing on her vast grant writing experience, in GETTING YOUR SHARE OF THE PIE, Mann discusses every step of the grants process, enabling an organization’s existing staff with no prior experience to successfully pursue grant money, as well as refreshing the skill sets of experienced grant writers seeking new options and techniques in obtaining operational funding. She reveals her in-depth knowledge about the specific attributes the funding agencies look for via a digest of actual conversations with their representatives. GETTING YOUR SHARE OF THE PIE is particularly valuable in that it:

• Provides historical and current information regarding the general availability of government and private grant funds

• Outlines the basic elements of creating a proposal – how to write the specific parts of a successful grant application

• Contains a glossary covering the specific terminology used in the field, copies of many common forms used in federal grant applications, and a step-by-step process for registering with

• Presents an exclusive insider’s look at what agencies want, supplying a list of do’s and don’ts to maximize success

• Is suitable for use as a textbook or as a guide for the administrative professional who would like to expand his or her capabilities into a new field

“It is my pleasure to share the insights I have gained over my three decades of working as a grants writer. GETTING YOUR SHARE OF THE PIE represents another way in which I can assist local governments and nonprofits in realizing their fundraising goals,” says Mann. “The complete process of getting grants is not complicated, but does require a certain amount of knowledge and experience in order to achieve success. In the book, I share the nuts and bolts of the grant seeking process as well as my expertise as a professional grant writer with readers, providing the tools they will need to find the funds their organization requires.”

A unique learning tool and reference work, GETTING YOUR SHARE OF THE PIE arms the grant seeker with enough knowledge and expert advice to mount an effective search and application campaign. Ms. Mann will be traveling the country giving workshops and lectures on the grants process, speaking directly to organizations about the lessons outlined in her book. Please contact Valerie Mann at for more information.

getAbstract, a large, international, well-respected reviewer of business books, has given Getting Your Share of the Pie-The Complete Guide to Finding Grants, a 5-star rating on Amazon. The book is featured prominently on getAbstract’s web page as a top-ranked grant writing book. A five-page abstract of the book is available on the site (

The following is the review:

“Author and grant-writing expert Valerie J. Mann has successfully won close to $95 million [Now over $135 million] for her clients. Now she’s written a book for US organizations that don’t have the expertise to learn what’s available or the additional funds to hire a professional to prepare their grant applications. She makes grant writing an understandable, straightforward process, as she covers the initial search for funding, how to back up the claims in your proposal and even what you can learn from rejection. She includes a glossary of common terms, a sample grant proposal and other useful information. Mann delves into the specific details of several different kinds of grants, particularly for law enforcement…. Will this book make you an expert? Well, that takes experience, but getAbstract finds that this helpful manual will initiate beginners and set any grant seeker on a productive path.”

Get Abstract’s web site states that, “Our summaries are written by educated professionals, who have a strong grasp on the most important take-aways from each book. We have a thorough review process in place to ensure that only the most thought-provoking and timely publications make the cut to be included with the abstracts on our site. We monitor the publication of more than 10,000 business books every year. Every title that survives our initial team screening is rated…using a rigorous team review process. Our rating criteria are applicability, innovation and style. We prepare summaries only for those books that earn an overall rating of five or higher to assure the quality of the material. We pick 500 new titles every year. Books featured on getAbstract are of exceptional quality.”


Valerie J. Mann is President of Mann and Mann Grant Solutions of Fruitland, MD, a consulting firm that specializes in grant-search, grant-writing, and grant administration services. She is a former City Council President of Fruitland, MD.

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